Ijeoma Oluo is the Hero I Needed in These Times

First of all, read Ijeoma Oluo's article on the person formerly known as Rachel Dolezal if you haven't already.

(Hint...click the bolded portion of that sentence to head straight there.) 

I read the article while I was at work yesterday, and today I had to run to Twitter to tell Ms. Oluo thank you. It is hard work for people of color on an emotional level to engage with whiteness that is closed off to the concept of introspection. So much so that all we can receive in the end is answers we already knew. Here's what I gathered: 

  • The person formerly known as Rachel Dolezal gives off the impression that she sees true black people as inferior and less intelligent. 
  • She's riding that white savior wave
  • Becoming a black woman felt like the right fit for her because she didn't grow up rich (because apparently poor white people aren't' actually a thing? Ok, girl.)

Reading that article opened my eyes to a ton of things I experienced from an organization I worked with for almost a year that were like a mix of "Nkechi (she thought...)" and the moment when Issa Rae gave me that gut-punching monologue about Secret White Meetings in Insecure. Ramona Dixon herself is an extreme case of whiteness taking over, fetishizing and remaining willfully ignorant, but I was surrounded by a room full. And the most DEFINITELY had Secret White Meetings. The Oluo article shockingly gave me a sense of closure. Yes, it's info that we all pretty much assumed about the woman. Yet Ijeoma Oluo truly came through and carried the team on her back for this one so that we could all begin the process of putting Rac...Nkechi...in the backs of our minds.


Is there a particular line from Ijeoma Oluo's article that hit close to home for you?