No Chaser The Series: Six Black Men on Dating, Relationships & More


Starting Onyx Marten almost a year ago has opened up some amazing doors for me to collaborate with some amazing people along the way, experiencing all of the creativity that flows from my people. You all know that my blog is dedicated to uplifting black, so when I was able to collaborate with Brown in the City recently to preview a new YouTube series before the rest of the internet I was THRILLED. Follow this duo on Instagram and Twitter. You're welcome. 

I won't drop any major spoilers into the post because you NEED to watch No Chaser The Series starting MONDAY, APRIL 3, 2017.


Don't act like you didn't know, because we JUST talked about it. I'll remind you though, don't worry. 


I'll admit, I was worried after I learned that the first episode was about interracial dating. Many black women feel as though black men have little to no interest in us and see us as loud, or not good enough when they "get on." Y'all know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. As a teen, my own dad (who is black af) even told me to my face that essentially men of all races would want to build a life with me last. When you're fed the idea that you're a consolation prize or placeholder until something better (and lighter) comes along, it sticks to you. The thought of sitting in front of my computer and risking feeling even more inadequate by the end had me on edge.

Within the first minute, I felt myself relaxing. I kid you not. 

The first episode is a digestible segment of around five minutes, and by the end of it I thought of so many women and men to share their YouTube channel with in preparation of the release date on April 3rd! I'm all for knowing your worth as a black woman and not needing validation, but sometimes it's just great to know that others, ESPECIALLY black men, see us as being more than enough. It definitely helps that the cast has great senses of humor all around, because I'd imagine that upcoming episodes will become more intense as the subjects change from episode to episode.

Another cool element that sets this show apart from your typical interview-style videos is the incorporation of statistical information. Many of the numbers in those sidebars were brand new to me, and presenting them alongside the conversation already in progress made it so much easier to process in my opinion.


I know that was a lot, so here's a quick summary to reiterate why you need to make this part of your YouTube lineup: 

  • The black male cast speak on dating with children, celibacy, racial preferences and more (yep...STRAIGHT. NO CHASER. You've got it.) 
  • The show's goal is to provoke dialogue and kill stereotypes in the black community while having a great time and sharing a few laughs


***NOTE: Season 1 premieres on 4/3/17, and there are a total of 6 episodes.***




The show is seeking sponsorship/funding to shoot season 2 later this year. So, if you like it as much as I do, get in on this and help support a much needed tool to get people talking about topics normally swept under the rug.  

Social media links for the cast and crew are below! Make sure you follow each of them to say hey and show support. In the meantime, follow No Chaser the series on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as well to stay up to date on new episodes. Make sure you come back to Onyx Marten, because I'm itching to talk about future episodes!



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